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When the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Anthony Barber introduced Vat to the UK in 1973 he said it was going to be a “simple tax” and furthermore it was going to be “Easy to understand”.

Well that was in 1973 and maybe it was correct then but now vat can be devilishly complicated and for the unwary extremely expensive with an unforgiving compliance regime.

With this is mind ICPA have added The VAT People to our list of members benefits providing our members with comprehensive support for any issues that involve Vat.

The VAT people provide help and advice on all aspects of vat including the most complex of areas like Land and Property transactions, including advising on all VAT issues relating to the purchase or sale of land and buildings and also construction and conversion works to the land or buildings to ensure the correct rate of VAT has been charged and how to structure the scheme to maximise its VAT recovery position.   

The international aspects of Vat whether in relation to the EU or non-EU transactions is another area fraught with difficulty and potential pitfalls and another reason why we are so pleased to have The VAT People available to help our members.

The VAT People have agreed to provide all ICPA members with a special 10% discount so whenever you contact them be ready with your membership number.

If you have a Vat problem and want quality advice contact The VAT People here