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Qualified by Experience

The ICPA recognises that many accountants in practice in the UK have not gained formal qualifications with the major UK Institutes for myriad reasons but nonetheless have been practising successfully within the UK for many years providing a good professional service for their clients.

These accountants are commonly referred to as being Qualified by Experience (QBE) and the ICPA are happy to recognise their qualities and to offer them a route to membership of the ICPA.

QBE accountants can join the ICPA providing they have been running their own practice within the UK for 3 years or more and on proof of Money Laundering Registration with HMRC.

Those QBE accountants who have been running their own practice for 3-4 years will have to provide their own professional indemnity cover until they have been in practice for 5 years when they will be eligible able to join the ICPA Group Professional Indemnity Scheme.