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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How many members do the ICPA have? 

A. As at May 2019 we have 1,100 + Practice members, which if we were to count individual partners/directors we have 1,400 +

Q. Do I have to take up the Group ICPA Professional Indemnity Insurance if I join the ICPA?

A. Absolutely not. If you chose to remain with your present insurers you are free to so do. If you do we will reduce your monthly subscription by £10 for every month that you remain outside the group scheme. Holding sufficient professional Indemnity Insurance cover is a requirement of ICPA membership so if you retain your own cover we will ask you for a copy of your Insurance Certificate every year.

Q. Can I join the ICPA before my current Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover expires?

A. Yes of course. You can become a member of the ICPA at any time throughout the year and opt in to take up the ICPA Professional indemnity Insurance cover on your renewal date. A £10 per month reduction will apply to your membership subscription until you take up the Professional Insurance Cover.

Q. The membership subscription is £58 + vat per month I have two fellow directors in my Limited Company Practice will they also have to pay £58 per month each?

A. Unlike others, membership of the ICPA is a practice based subscription and we only charge an addition £15 per month for each additional Partner/Director. So for your 3 Director Company the monthly cost would only be £88 + vat which is a significant saving.

Q. Will I receive a Practising Certificate when I join?

A. ICPA membership is ONLY available to Accountants in Practice in the UK so all members are by default in Practice. We therefore issue a single Membership Certificate for the practice rather than the individual member.

Q. How do I log onto the Bloomsbury Core Tax online Service?

As a member you will be allocated a unique ICPA membership number which will use to log in to the ICPA website. Once logged in you can access the Bloomsbury Core Tax Service via the link provided.

Q. Can I use the ICPA logo on my website to show my membership and on my letterheads?

A. Yes we will provide you with a file containing the logo in various formats to enable you to upload to your site or pass to your printers to incorporate in your stationery. There is a small once only charge of £10.

Q. How does ICPA help with CPE?

A. We have always recognised the importance of CPE more so in these very challenging times of constant tax changes. We also understand that the cost of many of the commercial courses is getting frankly out of hand with accountants travelling around the country just to secure a better deal for their CPE. That is why we put CPE out 4 times a year via the Internet. To help maintain standards we have partnered with Instant CPD and their lectures are a focal part of our CPE. Throughout the year we supply 2 quarterly e-magazines on Tax and Vat written specifically for us by Mark McLaughlin and The Vat People respectively, as well as our respected Quarterly magazine Accounting Practice to augment the formal CPE offerings.

Q. What is the ICPA Tax and Accountancy Portal?

The ICPA Tax and Accountancy Portal enables us to post more up to date information that may affect us rather than wait for the quarterly publications. It is updated weekly and can be accessed by following the link on the Taxationweb website at

Q. Can I download the ICPA App?

A. The ICPA App is freely available to download to your ‘phone from your App Store both itunes and Android simply search for ICPA and download. The ICPA were amongst the very first to recognise the potential of an App for practice development and we have secured a very favourable 15% discount on the cost for members with My Firms APP. Once you have downloaded our app and feel that an app would be great for your business remember the ICPA member discount.