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 Meet The Team

Tony Margaritelli ismeet the team Tony the Chairman of the ICPA.

Still practising as an Accountant in Essex Tony is the driving force behind the ICPA and is responsible for the ethos of the ICPA.

Tony works tirelessly on behalf of the membership representing them at meetings with HMRC and HM Treasury and constantly extols the work done by small practice accountants to anyone who will listen and many that try not to.

Tony writes and presents seminars on behalf of the membership and contributes extensively to the ICPA magazine "Accounting Practice" on issues that effect accountants and champions the small practice in his extensive output.

Tony is always happy to talk over member’s problems and concerns and makes himself available whenever possible. No question is left unanswered and was once even asked to give help with office water dispensers.

Being in practice gives him an accurate insight to the problems faced by all Accountants and by using that insight he has always sought to add benefits that are uniquely small practice specific.

Tony’s motto is that the ICPA are here to help solve problems and not to create them. 

MichaelWilsonMichael Wilson is the ICPA Marketing and Business Development Manager

Brought into the ICPA fold for his Marketing ability Michael brings with him not only marketing expertise but a thorough knowledge of Accountants having worked for a considerable time with the ICAEW.

In his career to date Michael has developed expertise in all areas of Digital Marketing including PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email Campaigns and Website Development.

Allied to his Digital work Michael has a welter of experience in more traditional marketing techniques including Copywriting, Design Technology and Direct Mail Campaigns as well as Telesales.

Michael will add a new range of expertise to the ICPA team and will help us promote the organisation more effectively than in the past and to a much wider audience.

Michael will be willing to help members with their marketing questions and can be contacted on 

picture for simonSimon Clarke is ICPA Membership Development Officer

Simon is responsible for all membership matters reporting direct to the Chairman Tony Margaritelli and the board in general.

An accountant himself Simon has spend many years working for small and large practices including a 4 year spell at PWC before becoming technical Director at TaxAssist where he was responsible for helping and advising over 200 franchisee accountants.

Following on from his spell at TaxAssist Simon helped develop a Haines Watts practice in East Anglia.

It is his knowledge of small and large practice development that Simon brings to bear in his role at the ICPA.

Simon is still in practice in Great Yarmouth and presents on practice development and promotion at seminars around the country.

Simon has added practice acquisition and disposal to his list of talents which fits neatly with his membership development role.


Martina Drislane Administration Officer

Martina is probably your first contact with the ICPA. She handles virtually all incoming telephone calls and is responsible for sorting out members concerns. Mislaid PI Certificates and PI issues generally are Martina's speciality and she deals with all manner of day to day issues that members require answers for.

Martina knows who to contact whenever a member has a query or problem and she makes sure that questions or problems are sent to the correct person within the ICPA or its network of benefit providers and follows up to ensure that a resolution or solution has been found. 

Martina reports directly to the board and the Chairman and she is always happy to help which is the ICPA way.  


Belinda Trotter Administration Officer

Belinda is responsible for processing membership applications. Collating all the necessary information and making sure that everything is complete and correct before an application can be considered is down to her.

Belinda is one of those people that every organisation wants one of. Why? Because she can turn her hand to anything and is happy to help no matter what she is asked to turn her hand to. 

mandy photoMandy Joscelyne Administration Officer 

Mandy is responsible for processing membership applications. She attends to incoming telephone calls and updates information relating to members. She is also responsible for collating membership documents. 

Mandy, who reports directly to Martina Drislane, is happy to help with any enquiries which you may have. If you have a question regarding joining the ICPA or questions relating to your membership then feel free to give her a call.



Jeff Hammond Director

Jeff Hammond was one of the founders of the ICPA and practices in Rayleigh Essex.

Jeff is the ICPA co-ordinator for the HMRC Working Together initiative and coordinates the ICPA members involved and is our representative at the Southend Branch.

Jeff represents the ICPA whenever requested at meetings with HMRC and HM Treasury and is our Company Secretary.

Jeff is also one of the discipline committee members and is always available to help Tony the Chairman whenever needed.

brianBrian Naylor Chair ICPA Discipline

Brian Naylor is head of the ICPA disciplinary committee. Brian has been in practice for many years prior to his recent retirement and he has brought all his years of experience to bear upon his role as chair of the discipline committee.

Brian hopes that members never have to come in to contact with him and he is the only person at the ICPA who can say that.

 alanAlan Hennessey Director

Alan Hennessey runs his own Accountancy practice in Essex and was one of the founders of the ICPA.

Alan is the ICPA's own Financial Accountant and he assists in the day to day financial aspects of the organisation and is known within the ICPA as the Accountant’s Accountant.

Alan helps and assists members whenever possible and is always available to help the board whenever required and he helps with the preparation of ICPA responses to HMRC and HM Treasury Consultations where his years of experience in practice have been are a great help.