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Clients should not simply opt to place their Workplace Pension Scheme with a Pension provider based simply on the cost to client. Obviously this can and should be a contributing factor but if asked why a provider has been chosen? Elicits the response it was the cheapest it could leave the client open to claims of failing to undertake due diligence.   

The Pension Playpen team will cover all the due diligence necessary to work out which staff are Eligible or Non-eligible, they will provide a report of all the workplace pension providers that will offer your client a scheme and finally they will provide all the necessary Certificates and Reports that will prove to the Regulator and the STAFF that the scheme complies and that your client has made the choice in a correct manner.

One important point to remember is that it is not just the Pensions Regulator that employers are answerable to it is also their staff who have a right to expect that their contributions are being safeguarded and that the choice of the pension provider has been made in a correct way and not just based on cost or ease of use.

The cost per client to cover all the necessary due diligence for ICPA members is NOT the £499 + vat BUT ONLY £99 + vat.

To get your client moving on the Auto Enrolment road click here. Then click the get started in the £499+vat column and enter the discount code provided at checkout. The cost to you will then be £99 + vat. What you charge your client is of course up to you.

So why not visit the Pension Playpen site at and see exactly how all the necessary due diligence is covered for only £99 + vat per client.

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