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London & Zurich

London & Zurich make managing your payment collections their business, so you can get on with yours. With two decades of industry expertise in Direct Debit facilities and payment gateway services, their mission is to make payments a priority, so your business can survive and thrive.

You might think a Direct Debit is the same as a Standing Order, but that’s a common mistake. Direct Debit gives you much greater control over your customer payment collections, and therefore your cash flow.


How L&Z work with you

Members will be able to collect money from clients with London & Zurich’s secure cloud-based service.

With this system members will be able to offer instalments or deposits on large fees, recurring collections for fixed values and collections of variable amounts.

As a member of the ICPA, L&Z are able to treat you as being one sub-section of a larger, established organisation. To you, this means no set-up costs and a low monthly admin fee. Then you just pay for the transactions you put through.

If you have clients who would also benefit from collecting via Direct Debit, London & Zurich offer you a Revenue Referral Share Scheme which will earn you some much needed revenue.


ICPA Member deal:

  • No set up fee (usually £199)
  • £9.99 Monthly admin fee (usually £29.99)


For more information and to register use the below forms:

London & Zurich – Guide for Members

London & Zurich - Application Form for Members