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Online Direct Debit Collections


Want to collect your fees on a monthly basis but find that getting clients to pay by standing order is an administrative nightmare? Worked out that Direct Debit is the best way forward but finding your bank unhelpful or the cost prohibitive?

ICPA have signed a partnership deal with London & Zurich to offer members its online paperless Direct Debit scheme.

Members will be able to collect money from clients with London & Zurich’s secure cloud based service.

With this system members will be able to offer instalments or deposits on large fees, recurring collections for fixed values and collections of variable amounts and you can brand the service in your practice name.

Now if you have clients who would also benefit from collecting via Direct Debit but are having the same problems that you are experiencing, then London & Zurich offer you a Revenue Referral Share Scheme which will actually earn you some much needed revenue.

So help your clients and help yourself.

The ultimate proof I suppose is that we ourselves at the ICPA use the facility offered by London & Zurich to collect our members subscriptions by Direct Debit taking over from our bank and we would never revert back that’s how good and easy to use the system is.


For details on how to take advantage of this scheme just contact the ICPA on 0800-074-2896 or email