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AVS VAT offers expert VAT advice and support to accountants who don’t have in-house VAT specialists.  Call us free* and benefit from our in-depth VAT knowledge across all sectors with particular expertise in the complex VAT rules surrounding property, partial exemption and international supplies.  All ICPA members qualify for our discounted fee rates*.

VAT can be an interesting (yes, really) and complex subject.

Whilst every VAT transaction is different, they all have one aspect in common: the potential to cause problems.

As in life, with VAT a regret that’s worth avoiding is… ‘if only’..  If in doubt, it’s always better to ask at the start and avoid costly problems that might arise.

Melanie Lord has been dealing with UK VAT issues for many years. She explains: “Most accountants are very adept at dealing with VAT for their clients.  Sometimes though situations arise that are unusual or very specific which require expert input.

“This is especially true for business situations involving several countries. Or when dealing with a specific, more detailed sector such as commercial property.

“If in any doubt, it’s always better to make a call and gain early expert insight.  An ‘educated guess’ could create a cost that might have been avoided.  Whenever you’re not sure about VAT, simply ask. Sooner is always better – and could save a lot of money for clients.” 

6 Easy Steps for Spotting VAT Issues

Highlight potential VAT risks or opportunities by asking your clients:

  1. “Have you ever had a VAT assessment?”  Many go unopposed whereas they can often be appealed.
  2. “Is VAT always charged at 20%?”  This is most likely to be where the problems will come from.
  3. “Is VAT always reclaimed in full?”  Are you sure there’s no VAT exemption to consider?
  4. “Is VAT always only partly claimed?”  There might be a way to reduce or remove the cost.
  5. “Does VAT create a specific problem?” This might be solvable, there are some simplifications.
  6. “Do you buy or sell outside the UK?” This is where they might be exposed or missing opportunities.

If you need specialist VAT support – for your own practice or for your clients – AVS VAT can help.

*We are offering a free 15 minute call plus a 10% fee discount to all ICPA members. 

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