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Bloomsbury Professional Online UK Tax Service



ICPA members get online access to Bloomsbury Professional’s Online Tax Service as part of their membership package.

This membership benefit will give you access to 19 key tax titles (worth £600 +VAT per year) and will ensure that you have easy and quick access to key tax information on a daily basis. The platform also allows you to share information with your colleagues and clients, even if they don’t subscribe.


Essential Reference

  • Tax Annual: Capital Gains Tax
  • Tax Annual: Corporation Tax
  • Tax Annual: Income Tax
  • Tax Annual: Inheritance Tax
  • Tax Annual: Trusts and Estates
  • Tax Annual: Value Added Tax
  • National Insurance Contributions
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Rates and Tables

Specialist Guidance

  • Accounting Principles for Tax Purposes
  • Bloomsbury’s Tax Rates and Tables: Budget Edition
  • Capital Allowances: Transactions and Planning
  • Busy Practitioner
  • Capital Gains Tax Reliefs for SMEs and Entrepreneurs
  • Guide to Taxpayers’ Rights and HMRC Powers
  • Hamilton on Tax Appeals
  • HMRC Investigations Handbook
  • Partnership Taxation
  • Stamp Taxes

See how the Bloomsbury Professional Online Tax Service will benefit you and your company:

  1. Broad coverage - Access to a core tax service containing 19 titles worth £600 + VAT per year
  2. Depth of information when you need it - The option to subscribe to any of 5 specialist add-on services
  3. Less time waiting for search results - Our lightning fast state-of-the-art search engine gives you immediate results
  4. Easy access to the content you use most - Build your own personalised set of frequently used documents that are automatically updated with the system
  5. Track new developments in areas that are important to you - Save your most frequently used searches and tell the system to email you when new content is added relating to those terms
  6. Unique team working and client marketing opportunities - Share documents by email and through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  7. Google-style autocomplete search function
  8. Current awareness updates with ‘Month in a Minute’ summaries, news stories, conference reports and case summaries

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