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HMRC Agent Alerts

HMRC Agent Updates are prepared 6 times a year and are made available for us to provide to our members.

The Alerts are the work of HMRC alone and represent what HMRC wish to bring to the attention of Agents throughout the year.

Each issue contains information on issues that have occurred in the previous two months with direct links to more detailed coverage from HMRC on the website.

Each issue contains a list of Current Consultations with the closing dates for responses as well as a direct link to the Consultation document itself.

It is frankly the best output of its kind produced by the Revenue and is the best way to find out what HMRC believe WE OUGHT to be looking at.    

The latest Alert is available to non-members also and can be accessed below:

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Self Assessment

Issue 75

Issue 74

MTD Update

Brexit Special 

Issue 73

Issue 72

Issue 71 

Issue 70

Self Assessment Special 2019 

Issue 69

Issue 68

Issue 67

Issue 66

Issue 65

Issue 64

Self Assessment Special

Issue 63

Issue 62

Issue 61

Issue 60

Issue 59

Issue 58

Agent Alert Special (January 2017)

Issue 57

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