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Download the ICPA App to your mobile and you will have access to a raft of FREE and useful calculators for:


Stamp Duty

Inheritance Tax

A Savings Calculator

Payslip Calculator


Loans and Mortgages

Company Cars


The one most used is the Dividend V Salary calculator whereby you simply enter a Profit and the app calculates the Corporation Tax due after allowing for a Basic Salary equal to the personal allowance, the Maximum Dividend Payable and the attendant Tax Credit and calculates the TOTAL TAXATION and the Total tax percentage. It then contrasts this with the Total Tax Calculations for the same Profits as a Sole trader and an Employee. It is easy to see just why this is so popular and its free.

All the calculators are current for whatever tax year we are in. 

Our ICPA App also includes a superb Mileage Calculator which utilises your ‘phones GPS to track actual miles travelled simply by pressing one tab when you start your journey and another when you end. You can store the resultant answer and Email it as well.

Also included is a Receipt Manager which allows the user to photograph a receipt, allocate them, export them and evens integrates with Receiptbank.

Download the App and take a look for yourself and have these handy tools always available as long as you have your mobile with you.

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