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MessageBird is a global communications platform that enables business-to-customer messaging through an in-house developed, cloud-based software. Their technology has a multitude of accounting applications - the most popular of which being SMS reminders, SMS notifications and SMS campaigns.

Through their easily integrated, user-friendly platform, you can set up automated outgoing SMS messages to remind your clients of appointments, tax due dates and other important deadlines. Got a new service you’d like to share? Set up an SMS campaign and inform all your clients at once via SMS, so you can take advantage of a 98% read rate within the first hour of message delivery.

MessageBird offers solutions for users of all backgrounds. So, whether you’re a developer ready to integrate their API, or non-technical and looking to manage your messages through their dashboard or even directly from your email account, MessageBird has a solution suited to your needs.

ICPA members will receive a brilliant discount for using their messaging services: 

  • 5% discount on all messages sent through their SMS Gateway
  • 40% discount on their Numbers service (used to enable two-way communication between you and your clients)

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