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Your Own Practice App

There are almost 900 million smart phone users so how many of those are your clients or just as importantly your potential clients?

In a few years it is our belief that every practice will have an App just as today they have a website.

Future generation businessmen and women will look to their phone for information and help just as older generation clients used Yellow Pages.

The App with its ability to link directly to your client is the very latest tool in client retention and acquisition.

To quote Insight Marketing’s David Oliver “An Apple and Google approved App can enhance your reputation and help you differentiate yourself. It also gives everyone access 24/7, and this is increasingly how people are living their lives.”

The ICPA have always understood that client retention and acquisition is at the forefront of members concerns so we are proud to have sourced a sensible priced solution to our member’s dilemma.

ICPA members can take advantage of a very special member discount with one of the leaders in this field namely “My Firms Apps” which will enable all ICPA members to have their own App at a reasonable price.


As an ICPA member you are entitled to a massive
15% Discount on the price of an App


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