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Foreign Exchange Service with HiFX


Managing foreign currency exposure proactively can save your clients significant sums of money. Whether they are sending or receiving money globally, managing imports or exports, investing offshore or transferring income - minimising exchange rate volatility and making their money go further should be a top priority.

This is why the ICPA have partnered up with HiFX to offer a range of competitive and easy to use services to help make international transfers, pay people and settle bills quickly, securely and cost effectively.

How can it help?

You can save your client’s time and money when making international money transfers, adding a competitive edge to your service and maximising revenue from your existing client base. HiFX aims to support businesses and provide a value driven service, offering this service will really help with this and in return help with client recommendations.

Benefits for you:

  • An additional revenue stream – They pay a 15% net revenue share on each transfer the client you introduced makes for the lifetime of the account.
  • Increase client retention, strengthen relationships.
  • Protect your client’s wealth - Less money lost through exchange rates help justify fees.

Benefits for your client:

  • Wealth protection – competitive exchange rates, saving up to 4% over bank rates.
  • Elimination of risk – secure the exchange rate in advance.
  • Avoidance of fees and hassle – clients can trade 24/7 and have the option to pay using GBP or EUR debit cards as well as electronic transfer.

Who will it help:

Corporate Clients

  • Businesses looking to pay international suppliers for imported goods or services.
  • Own assets in another country ( for example: overseas offices)
  • Looking to pay salaries in another country.
  • Hold additional bank accounts in different currencies.

Private Clients

  • Have multi currency accounts
  • have investments held in another currency
  • Own and maintain property in another country
  • Make personal purchases from overseas businesses.

About HiFX

  • Investment grade credit rating
  • Bank class online security. HiFX uses Norton, the system preferred by 97 of the world's top 100 banks and 93% of Fortune 500 companies
  • Sister company of
  • Last year our parent company Euronet Worldwide (Nasdaq:EEFT)  processed approximately $62 billion in ATM, prepaid and money transfer payments for over 220 financial institutions and some of the world’s leading brands including Apple, Google, Amazon, Paypal, Walmart, Visa and Mastercard.

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