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 The ICPA Funder Finder

A new way to source funding for SMEs using an HM Treasury-approved business finance comparison website

Your clients need funding for various purposes - growth, R&D, cashflow etc - but finding it can be time-consuming. The ICPA Funder Finder solves that problem through a simple and free to use online comparison platform.

The ICPA Funder Finder uses straightforward information to match business users with a wide range of funders, with funds available from £500 up to £50 million. The engine searches through over 150 different funders and products, ensuring the recommendations made are both suitable and appropriate.

The solution is fair to the SME as funders cannot buy the way to the top of the rankings, and your clients pay no more by using the engine than going to a funder direct.

The ICPA Funder Finder is the engine powering the Alternative Business Funding (ABF) platform. ABF is one of only three designated (government approved) platforms, meaning ABF was subjected to significant due diligence by government agencies. This provides real peace of mind to you and your clients.

Benefits to you include: -

  • Your own unique funding engine for SMEs to search for finance
  • Your own portal to manage and review your customers and their progress
  • Access to a compliant, whole-of-market finance solution (not just a chosen few funders)
  • A new way to generate revenue - you share the commission generated from the funder

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