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Help your smaller clients sell their business



Clients sell their businesses it’s a fact. They often come to us as their Accountant for a valuation but as we all know a valuation and a sale price are different and the ultimate sale price could be different still.

Kingsbrook part of the BCMS group of companies has been formed to help smaller SMEs achieve their maximum sale.

How does it work?

Kingsbrook will offer a free business evaluation conversation. This is not a traditional valuation exercise; this is focussed on how saleable the client’s business truly is and answers questions like; ‘when should I sell? and ‘what is the likely outcome if I sell?’ The Kingsbrook team don’t just look to the bare figures on a P&L Account they have a team that will get the client in front of scores of the right kind of buyer. They will be proactive; focused in particular on selling the future, based around their analysis of your client’s business and with their substantial research resource cast their net far and wide to drive competition to buy your clients business. Ultimately when looking to achieve the maximum value at exit having a choice of buyers is the singular most important and only Kingsbrook properly ticks that box.

Having taken up the free evaluation offer and for those appropriate clients who are ready to exit, Kingsbrook offers a unique service to sell that business for its maximum value PLUS provides ICPA Members with a generous introductory commission and success fee share.

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