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ICPA members are all Accountants in Practice and all Accountants in Practice need clients which is no doubt stating the obvious. The hard part is actually getting new clients OR getting the type of clients that you want.

At the ICPA we can help your practice keep up to date, we can help you make significant savings on must have items from software to CPE and with our PR toolkit we have helped members publicise the practice.

Now with the ICPA Practice Builder we have added a major new benefit which will provide each member with a unique opportunity to discuss how to build your practice with a leading Marketing Company.

The review can cover any marketing opportunities relevant to YOUR practice, YOUR goals and YOUR Practice size and more importantly the size you want to grow it to.

To deliver this service ICPA have teamed up with Sales 4 Accountants to deliver a one-to-one hour long telephone discussion paid for by the ICPA covering topics relevant to you based upon an initial assessment made as a result of your enquiry and which could include items such as your Website, Social Media, Tele-Sales, Apps, Email Marketing and Blogs OR items that you specifically want to discuss.

We have been in lengthy discussions with Sales 4 Accountants and they are fully aware that ICPA members have practices of varying sizes from the smallest to the largest and they are happy to help everyone with absolutely no strings attached whatsoever.

If you are serious about wanting to grow your practice then you should be serious about registering for your free one hour marketing review and actually talk to someone who has nothing to do with Tax, Vat, and Accounts but who has everything to do with modern day marketing for accountants. 

To start follow this link to the registration page and take advantage of an offer that no other Institute or Organisation will offer you namely expert help to grow and develop your practice.