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International Business Payments (Money Mover)

Money Mover


ICPA have partnered with Money Mover, a UK based financial technology firm specializing in online FX and international payments.

ICPA members benefit from an exclusive £50 bonus payment when they or a client makes their first payment. ICPA members can also earn commission from the clients that you refer to or onboard with Money Mover.

Money Mover’s powerful but intuitive web application was designed to provide exceptional transparency, functionality and pricing. It offers fast, secure payments in 25+ currencies and a range of tools to simplify all of your clients’ cross-currency requirements (overseas invoices, payrolls, moving money between currency accounts…). Payments can be sent same day and rates guaranteed for up to 12 months forward.

  • No limit on the number of businesses you can add to your account
  • Free to register - only pay when you send money
  • Cut transaction costs for your clients by up to 90%
  • Commission on all clients referred or onboarded  

for more information and to register for this benefit click here


Money Mover is authorised and regulated by the FCA.