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Every business has overheads and sometimes it is hard to keep up with costs involved and to establish which is the best deal available and whilst we all hope that we are paying the right amount sometimes we are paying more for services than we need to.

Our clients are in exactly the same boat and wouldn’t it be good to be able to save them money on their Telephone or Broadband or Energy or even their Card Processing Costs.

Now together with “Business Sense” and thanks to your ICPA membership you can see it costs your clients nothing to find out how much money Business Sense can save for their business.

We have teamed up with Business Sense because they offer a free cost analysis on existing contracts to quickly show how much your clients could be saving on everyday business costs and its absolutely FREE!
They don’t promise that they can save money for every business but it costs nothing to find out if they can and your clients may have or believe they have already secured a great deal for their business, and if they have that’s great news.

If that’s the case, then carrying out a FREE cost analysis to confirm, will give them and you as their Accountant peace of mind.

Let’s face it, it’s hard enough running a business, without worrying about the cost of business services, so my question is, how do your clients know that they are paying a fair and competitive rate for their services?

In today’s business climate client retention is key and this is another service that your practice can offer which will help your client and engender client appreciation so why not call Business Sense on 01656 720999 or click this link to view their website and ask them to review your clients service costs FREE of charge today?

For all members of the ICPA, we have secured preferential rates for all of your clients. Just quote your ICPA membership number.