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Accountants: Suddenly we’re flavour of the month

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Posted by: Tony Margaritelli | Last modified on 19/07/2019

Social media is a wonderful thing as you can see what’s trending, you can see what commentators or pundits believe we should see as it could be important and can use it to promote your business/practice. Furthermore, to sell individual items or frankly just to have some fun and make people laugh.

To me, what it does show is apparently how from being a somewhat overlooked and some may say “stodgy” profession basically left to our own devices to deal with small businesses and the self-employed in their own sweet way.

All that has changed as all manner of self-proclaimed experts and an ever increasing array of tech masterminds have decided that we need help to become more profitable, more advisory, more ‘happy, more technology advanced, make more from our existing clients, get more clients, sell more services to our existing clients, and give us the wherewithal to charge more for doing what we are doing now without the client even noticing.

All of them have a bright shiny Internet presence, an impressive looking website that uses the very latest techniques that they believe will make the viewer respond in a positive manner. They all appear regularly on the exhibition circuit with ever more theatrical presentations extoling us to trust them to make us more efficient to make us more money and to make us a better accountant.

Actually, that last comment is not true “make us a better Accountant.” There is one thing they don’t claim to do because they know full well that this is one area, they steer well clear of. They don’t assess our ability, they don’t understand our capabilities, they can’t make us better Accountants because for all they know we could already be the best we could possibly be and anyway most of them wouldn’t know a good Accountant if one hit them with a log.

To become a better Accountant, we need to improve and even more importantly maintain our core skills in the areas that define us namely, Taxation and Accounting.

These are two massive areas that are constantly changing and are constantly evolving and whilst some commentators will extol the virtues of tech as a means of reducing the admin burden it is a very dangerous accountant who puts all their trust into technology to provide a solution without ever checking.

What we actually need is less razzamatazz about “advisory” and maybe more razzamatazz abut Inheritance Tax Planning. We need our genuine experts to stand up and present in a manner that grabs our attention and focus. They need to steal some ideas from the pundits, and they need to hit the exhibition circuit.

In the meanwhile, we can carry on looking at social media and smiling at the “back stories” of the experts and simply swiping left ‘till we get to something genuinely important.