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Posted by: Tony Margaritelli | Last modified on 07/06/2019

Accountancy is a profession and accountants like to think of themselves as professionals which is understandable.

Qualifications and letters after your name don’t guarantee professionalism, they indicate that an acceptable level of knowledge has been achieved at a particular point in time but what happens after that is what denotes professionalism.

How accountants behave towards their clients, HMRC, their staff and their institute is the true guide of professionalism and in reality it is not for the individual to grant themselves the adjective Professional rather it is for others to recognise it and attach it to the recipient.

One most definite attribute of a professional is the recognition that professions change and in our world of accountancy, this is fairly obvious as we have a budget every single year so we know tax is a movable feast as it were let alone technology changes. Professionals react by making sure they devote sufficient time to keep up to date, to refresh their knowledge to recognise changes are happening and learn how to handle and change to meet the changes.

Institutes call it CPE or CPD and a genuine professional needs no encouragement to invest time in updating their knowledge bank, they don’t need to be told or monitored it’s instinctive and it’s through and it’s pertinent.