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Do you actually use the information you have?

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Posted by: Tony Margaritelli | Last modified on 12/07/2019

Following the advent of Cloud some years ago and the march of seemingly endless Apps, we as Accountants are now in pole position to not only help our clients but to also help ourselves.

No longer are we working on figures that are months in arrears, no longer are we having to spend hours reviewing and amending malfunctioning spreadsheets or worse still adding up and sorting manual records.

No, we are now looking at live and pertinent data on a daily basis, we have brought bookkeeping back into the fold as it were, and we are making it a staple and growing part of our offering.

So far so good and we are seeing our January filing hiatus easing to boot which allied to monthly payments means we are finally moving forwards rather than in arrears.

But I ask again “do you actually use the information you have?” in this regard I mean that now you have an accurate and timely oversight of so many client records, now that you are watching the progress or maybe lack of progress your clients are achieving are you simply settling on covering the necessary and vital compliance angle of your work? Do you think that maybe you should be using this information to help the client make savings or put some funds into a pension or can you see too many debts building up?

Pre cloud we bemoaned the lack of timely data to enable us to help our clients, now there really is no excuse for failing to do just that and you know what? It will increase your revenue, empower your staff to think deeper about their work and it will make you feel much more like the accountant you always wanted to be.