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Do your clients sit on the cloud or are they real people?

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Posted by: Tony Margaritelli | Last modified on 05/04/2019

All the media outlets that purport to help and support Accountants have one thing in common and that’s “The Cloud” it seems, never a day goes by without some offering or other from “experts” or “forward thinkers” or such constantly talking about Cloud, this or that Cloud. Cloud companies contribute so much advertising revenue that it’s no surprise that they expect to get their content published irrespective of the fact that we have seen and read it all before.

Now cloud accounting is here to stay and it plays a vital part in the work we do, of that there is no doubt, but I keep thinking no one is talking about clients as actual people, they just seem to be a “thing” that’s put on my cloud-based system. People aspire, fears, emotions they are part of a family and more often than not have families of their own and they come to us as accountants not to discuss the latest in cloud technology but for myriad reasons none of which will include the word cloud unless they are talking about the weather.

We need to focus in on the needs of our clients and how we can help them achieve their goals. No doubt for those clients that run businesses this will involve helping to maximise profits which will include a streamlined and efficient accounting system which may or may not involve the cloud.

We need to recognise that the relationship between an accountant and their client is at it’s core a personal one and like all personal relationship they have to be nurtured, they have to be developed and they must never be taken for granted nor ignored.

Talking to a friend is natural and if we never bother to get in touch suddenly one day it dawns on us that we have lost touch and a friendship is over. We need as accountants to think like that about our clients if we don’t get in touch then suddenly, they will be someone else’s client and whether on or their records were in the cloud won’t make a halfpenny worth of difference.