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It’s Goodbye to “Accountancy” Magazine

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Posted by: Tony Margaritelli | Last modified on 15/02/2019

December 2018 saw the very last printed edition of the wonderfully titled, well, wonderful if you are an Accountant, magazine “Accountancy”.

The magazine was first published in 1938 as the official magazine of the Society of Incorporated Accountants and Auditors until 1957 when they integrated into the ICAEW and “Accountancy” duly became the official magazine of the ICAEW uninterrupted until 2012.

Published by Wolters Kluwer it remained in circulation until November 2017 when it was published under the aegis of Croner-i who last December decided that the age of the printed magazine was done and dusted and that their online presence as Croner-i was the place for future content.

I grew up as an Accountant with “Accountancy” sometimes it informed me, sometimes it completely bamboozled me and very occasionally it made me laugh but it was always there every month with a heavy thud as it came through the letter box. Although it has to be said that over the years the thud has become harder to hear as the weight got less and less but the content was always there. When the ICAEW chose to let the title go and “Economia” was born I stayed true to my loyalties and kept up my subscription to “Accountancy” and I have never been able to get on with “Economia” but now it’s goodbye to an old friend.

My only consolation is that I still have “Accounting Practice” to have and you know what to actually hold.