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If clients don’t listen to your advice

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Posted by: Tony Margaritelli | Last modified on 28/01/2019

Do you value the advice you give? If the answer is YES do you actually charge for providing the advice? If the answer is NO are you surprised that the client doesn’t act upon the advice or seeks an alternative solution?

Being in practice means that you have to earn sufficient income to make a profit, how much profit you want to make is a whole other issue, and whilst fee charging opportunities are obvious when it comes to annual Accounts and Returns advice and help are another opportunity.

Lots of Accountants have moved away from billing based upon time and as a result sometimes billing opportunities are missed and this could be the case when responding to an advice request.

The amount you may charge is not for this article but I feel it appropriate that some form of charge should be made if only to strengthen your contention that the advice provided is fit for purpose and that you stand by it as evidenced that you feel a charge appropriate.

If you don’t charge for it then in the eyes of the client it cannot have the same value as something that actually costs and its immediate impact is diluted. If the client didn’t want or expect to be charged then why are they actually asking you?

Having provided the advice and subsequently found out that they have ignored it or gone down a different route do you get annoyed? If the answer is YES then I repeat did you charge for the advice? if you did then at least you have been recompensed and if you didn’t why are you so concerned because after all it had no value didn’t it?