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Tax Returns Filed

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Posted by: Tony Margaritelli | Last modified on 01/02/2019

93.68% of Self Assessment Tax Returns filed on time.

As I’m tidying up my desk, emptying the waste paper bin, throwing away the half-drunk cups of coffee and staring at the pile of files and papers littering the floor and feeling quite proud of myself. My team in plops the usual self-congratulatory email from HMRC stating 93.68% of Returns were filed on time.

We are told that Mel Stride, the financial Secretary to the Treasury says:-

“it is great to see so many people completing their Self Assessment by the deadline. Their income Tax contributions have helped towards funding the UK’s vital public services including hospitals, schools and the emergency services” and then we have Angela Macdonald, HMRC’s Director General for Customer Services saying :

“Thank you to everyone who filed on time. This year, we had a record numbers of filers completing their tax returns by the deadline”

So yet again no thank you to the Accountants but I supposes that would be too much to expect wouldn’t it.   

We learned that 731,000 missed the deadline which equates to a good little earner for the government coffers, but my thoughts drifted back to the beginning of the month when we were told 48% approx. returns were still to be filed at the start of January which is an astonishing figure.

As I contemplate how on earth we managed to get so many returns filed in the last month my thoughts drift to MTD and the prospect of 4 filing deadlines and you know what today on the 1st February I’m not looking forward to it one bit.