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Thanks Vat’ll do nicely

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Posted by: Tony Margaritelli | Last modified on 14/06/2019

Just read the report of the case concerning the NCP,  yes the car parking people, who were appealing to get virtually £500,000 vat repaid to them because they said it related to overpayments of parking charges paid by actual coins in excess of the stated car parking rate where no change would be given.

The original claim goes back to 2014 but it shows that 10p or 20p overpayments were amounting to approximately £2m at a rough guestimate.

So, think about it, the NCP have been overpaid by around £2m for their services which is pure profit, don’t forget and oh dear they have had to account to HMRC for the vat included therein until some bright spark thinks they should get it back.

Fortunately, their appeal was unsuccessful on the grounds that having accepted that due to the lack of the correct change the taxpayer by overpaying (no doubt reluctantly) at the inflated price and therefore not having the right to a refund was setting the contact price at the agreed higher rate.

Personally, I feel it should have failed on the grounds of being “Cheeky beggars” or perhaps something even stronger.