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  • Cryptoassets (also known as cryptocurrencies) and HMRC: Cryptoassets (of which bitcoin is the most well-known) continue to evolve and capture the public attention. Due to increased demand and the postponement of the previous cryptoassets webinar, we are running two sessions to accommodate more agents and the availability of our technical experts. This webinar will cover:

    • an overview of cryptoassets
    • points on the taxation of cryptoassets
    • the view of cryptoassets from a HMRC perspective and consideration of how the current tax rules apply.

    Subject matter experts will be online with us to take some questions.

    F‌ri‌da‌y 7 De‌ce‌mb‌er – 1‌1a‌m to 1‌2.1‌5p‌m   Register now

  • 07/12/2018 11:00
  • 07/12/2018 12:15
  • Cryptoassets (also known as cryptocurrencies) and HMRC
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  • HMRC Talking Points meetings