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Every retired person should fill in a SA Return?

I have just been on the to check whether a retired client needs to fill in a SA return for 2015… Read more

Where is the repayment?

I have a client (a sub-contractor) with an IVA. Included in the IVA was £280 for unpaid NI Contributions. His return was filed… Read more

Tinker with your access list at your own peril

A word of warning to members, tinker with your access list to HMRC on-line services at your peril. Not needing such a lengthy list of… Read more

PAYE Anomalies

One of my clients has a part time member of staff and last year she earned £3,200 on Paye. She has no other income but her annual tax… Read more

Is there a parallel world that HMRC work in or am I in it

I have just called HMRC Agent Dedicated Lines on behalf of a client as we have prepared the Tax Return but client is querying the code number… Read more

HMRC inefficiency costing clients

Alan obviously hasn’t come across DMB - a member of their department was very nasty on the phone to me recently - me = the agent not the debtor… Read more

IHT Office Inefficiencies

We submitted an IHT38 (a property was sold at less than probate value, so a refund of IHT is due) in mid August. Having heard nothing we… Read more

Closing a Partnership Record Down

We act for a partnership which stopped trading at the end of the 2014 tax year. However, we didn't indicate on the 2014 partnership return that… Read more

I feel like Alice in Wonderland

I was asked to deal with tax return for 2014/15 for someone in full time employment who had been given a one-off freelance… Read more

Form 64-8’s again!

Five sets of Form 64-8’s issued to HMRC because they have not processed the one sent in before? Therefore, the “Client” does not… Read more

Our mistakes are punished but theirs are not

My client has been self-employed and submitted her tax returns over the last 15 years. Received a letter from HMRC informing… Read more

How to deal with the HMRC

I would suggest that those having trouble with the HMRC… Read more

How many authorisation codes do they want to send me!

I registered a client for VAT via my agents portal then sat back expecting the usual 6 week wait for the authorisation codes… Read more

How we can make HMRC listen to us

Many of the things in your last round robin are singing from my own hymn sheet. We’ve all been down the PAYE road and… Read more

Let’s get this in front of parliament

This is good enough for you to ask every member to copy your email to their Member of Parliament. A few thousand… Read more

Tax Credits Fraud...

I have a client who received a demand for overpaid tax credits in July 2014. This came shortly after she registered for self-assessment… Read more

Staggering inefficiency

Tried to inform HMRC of a change of name for a PAYE scheme for a client, so wrote to them advising them. Get a letter back saying… Read more 

Received a letter from HMRC...and another one...and another one...

Our client recently became VAT registered, so we applied to be agents for VAT. If your experience is like ours, there's a fair chance… Read more

Why are Tax Year Overviews not available to agents?

Agent Update July 15 has very confusing and badly worded guidance to Agents on the subject. “Update on changes to HMRC’s… Read more

HMRC's never-ending ability to amaze us?

I share everyone's frustration with 64-8s that don't get processed (I always send by Recorded Delivery… Read more

Technicalities following the CT41G scrapping

Following HMRC scrapping CT41G you can inform them when a limited company begins trading. You would assume that if… Read more

Why is RTI just one-way traffic?

On 4 August I wrote to Longbenton asking them to shut a payroll scheme. No reply yet. But on 13 October I have had… Read more

‘Just print the SA302s’ – There is no option to print

Call 1 to the SA agent helpline: I'd like some SA302s for my client in connection with a mortgage application… Read more

This is bordering on criminal…

You have to read this- my Client is having a total nightmare with HMRC PAYE. To cut a hugely long story very short… Read more

And I thought HMRC were Her Majesties Revenue and Customs not several unlinked departments

Yesterday I received a P800 for a client, on inspection the information contained bore no relation to the tax return submitted… Read more

If we run our business like this we wouldn’t have a business

I am convinced that the first 3 letters that you send to HMRC are put in the bin or discarded. It is only when you start to get angry and… Read more

Do we owe VAT or are we owed VAT? They don’t know.

Following a VAT Compliance check it was agreed that my client was owed money by HMRC. The client then received a demand… Read more

Why do I have to pass security? You rang me.

Our latest best one is HMRC Bootle 'Debt Management Department' ringing for me personally to chase a client's (already paid) PAYE… Read more

31 weeks to process a tax refund is beyond a joke!

We have a young client whose main income came from employment with a large well known company during 2012-2013… Read more

When will Limited Company CIS refunds be repaid?

How right you are. The agents dedicated telephone line is good but often totally inadequate in that all they can do is promise to send… Read more

How long have you got then??????????

The one that really gets me is waiting so long for CIS refunds for Limited Companies. The sole trader/partnerships are immaculate… Read more

HMRC need to get their act together for SMEs

I have a client who is CIS registered and wants to move to Gross status. Currently he is net and CIS deductions are now higher than… Read more

3 Points HMRC should take note of

We have had too many individual issues to highlight any ones, specifically, but three points that I would like to make are that… Read more

More online issues

1. We have an elderly client who died and her niece who had power of attorney before her death, which was noted with HMRC… Read more

I thought it was only me that they ignored over 64-8's.

Early July had a new client walk in with penalties mounting up regarding 2014 return. Sent in 64-8 hoping to be able to file online once… Read more

‘No letters received’ even though I received acknowledgment

Following a review of my clients P11d’s it was noted that an error had arisen as the bookkeeper had entered an insurance amount… Read more

Debt collection issues. They won’t even let you help

I have a recurring issue that may have effected other accountants. Clearly the telephone issue is serious, although I do find the Agent’s… Read more

More poor communication

Client 1 - is a sole trader. We registered him for VAT online. Our client does not, nor can, use a computer. We informed the VAT office… Read more

Worst Performing HMRC section ‘League Table’?

You might receive an even better response if you started a league table of which is the worst performing section, although I know… Read more

Possible Solutions…

I can offer some solutions to the problems with HMRC… Read more

HMRC scanning system "loses" post

I am very new to practice having set up my business this year after 20 years in industry. After 3 months and two complaints… Read more

My advice is forget the 64.8

I have just been reading the frustration over the 64.8 and wonder if I am doing things wrong!!! A new client knocks on the door… Read more

RTI penalties will be the next bug bear.

It seems impossible to tell from the penalty notice what has actually been filed late. The reference they supply bears no relation to… Read more

Are 64-8’s just ignored entirely?

This Department of the Inland Revenue do not process 64-8’s quickly or are ignored entirely. I need UTR’s for new clients to submit… Read more

HMRC – "unfortunately it is now 15.30 and I have to collect my children"

Last week I called the HMRC due to some problems with the balance showing on the Paye/NIC calculations/submissions on the… Read more

Refund Saga

I have a client who started his business in July 2014, after being in employment full time for 3 months and suffering just under… Read more

We cannot deal with your call at the moment so good bye

I have just called HMRC agent line to receive the message… Read more

Just give me a Corporation Tax agent code

I had been trying to get a Corporation Tax agent code. They returned my letter twice. I sent another letter which finally arrived. In between I made a phone call… Read more

Is this normal?

......had to show you this email.................... Read more

This tells us a lot about the standard we get from HMRC

I had to send you this letter as I think it tells us a lot about the standard we get from HMRC these days and back up all that we have been saying for years… Read more

No justification for repayment

For 2014/15 I requested one client refund in March 2015 asking for offset primarily against a corporation tax liability falling due on… Read more

On Hold for ages then just Cut Off!

I have a real moan about the amount of time holding on the phone, you then send them a letter no response, and one doesn't know… Read more

Disgusting, so called “service”!

We had a new Client and set everything up as usual. Form 64/8 was issued to HMRC. Weeks went by and we chased up on it to be told… Read more

Ring back if you have more than one query

Yesterday I rang HMRC PAYE helpline. It took 4 attempts to get past the “we are too busy to take your call message”… Read more

HMRC don't want to pay CIS refund

We did a claim for CIS for one of our company contractor clients. We then requested that this be offset against a… Read more

Serious Businesses wouldn’t make their customers wait on hold for 30+ minutes

A family member asked if I could help them with a tax calculation that showed PAYE an extra £15,000 different to what he… Read more

Why doesn't HMRC answer the telephone?

One of our client's employees reckoned that his PAYE tax code was wrong. He tried to get in touch with HMRC on his… Read more

Who are you supposed to write to?

When you register a client online for self-assessment and you hear nothing for months, who are you supposed to… Read more

HMRC should receive penalties for poor time management

Yesterday I learned from the agent’s helpline at HMRC that paper tax returns submitted on 29th June will not be processed… Read more

Have you seen the latest CT600s?

My tax manager and I sympathise! Have you seen the latest CT600s for accounting periods post April 2015? These is no… Read more

11 Months and still waiting…

We sent in a 64-8 for a new business last September (2014). We wrote in February to chase up the UTR; and again in… Read more

HMRC’s contract with Experian

I consider what follows to be of paramount importance to all practicing professional accountants. All that follows is from my own… Read more

Be careful what you say to the “Voice Recognition” system

When you call HMRC for a specific purpose, once their “Voice Recognition” system is activated you must be very careful… Read more

How can a late payment surcharge survive the vacation of its parental APN?

Just to reset the background, this client came to us as a contractor with a close company. A little later we discovered that… Read more

A new arrival

My list of complaints about HMRC which I could post here is just far too long but includes incompetence, totally… Read more

Why can nobody I speak to at HMRC help?

One client is in arrears with VAT payments on an annual accounting scheme. Two further payments have been made… Read more

HMRC – ‘Gone Away’

We set up a new CIS tax deduction scheme, to be active from 1st July. Not the best of choices as it meant that we had to put in a nil return for… Read more

£55k in the wrong account

Client paid their SA payment >£55k on 2nd March 2015 to HMRC’s VAT account in error directly through bank, but with their… Read more

Vat Payment Matching & Payroll Closures

Our client is in the Flat Rate Scheme. They did not adjust their percentage upwards by the 1% after twelve months. When we spotted… Read more

Good luck obtaining SA302 forms

“I recently tried to use the HMRC webpage procedure to obtain forms SA302 for a client who wanted to obtain a new mortgage… Read more

Why should we have to put up with such poor service?

Yesterday I rang HMRC PAYE telephone no. to ask a general PAYE question on employing students. I rang as an agent on… Read more

The HMRC dashboard is an absolute joke

I am a bookkeeper and not an accountant but I have had tremendous problems with the HMRC. You telephone with a simple query… Read more

3 Months to get a reply to an appeal

Due to the Inland Revenue announcing a more relaxed approach to penalties I sent in an appeal for a client who has been having… Read more

6 Months and 2 Complaints Later

We had an enquiry into a client and the inspector took the approach that the client must be on fiddle as he had a chain of shops that… Read more

Trouble getting a partnership return cancelled

I have a client that ceased to trade their limited liability partnership on 31 March 2014. HMRC were notified on the tax return that… Read more

More CIS trauma... Will it ever get resolved?

We have a client who regularly works as a sub-contractor and as a result has a large deduction for CIS Tax from payments from… Read more 

The notices to file returns are dated 3 months ago

Have you seen the notices to file returns arriving in the past three weeks? They are all dated 6 April 2015. I am tempted… Read more

Why should I send a new 64/8 when you already have one?

Called HMRC with client query. Was told by a member of Team 152 that she could not speak to me. Said I did not hold 64/8 authorisation… Read more

Why must everyone have a middle name?

I tried to contact HMRC using the structured email for a change of address for a client. Form is useless if you have… Read more

Numerous issues from Tax Credits and RTI to Corporation Tax

We have encountered numerous issues over the course of our work which effect a number of clients. Here are… Read more

Trying to understand the HMRC PAYE online dashboard

We seem to waste so much time trying to understand the HMRC PAYE online dashboard. We have a client who… Read more

How Long To Make A Repayment?

We recently contacted HMRC due to a PAYE/NI overpayment for 2014/15, which HMRC agreed to be correct... Read more

HMRC Reply 32 Weeks Later

Note: I could send numerous similar examples but I felt I needed to send this to show what it’s like dealing with HMRC, in particular on tax credits... Read more

What Happened To My Clients PAYE Payments?

I have gone around in circles on this since last July. My client has phoned 14 times. I have written them 3 letters to send in... Read more

What More Can You Do To Prove You've Paid?

Proof of paying PAYE at a Post Office - HMRC refuse to accept that a receipt from the Post Office and... Read more

A Bloody Waste Of Time Over £1

My client has had his letter of offer made under the Let Property Campaign Disclosure Form rejected on the grounds that the amount of the offer is different to the total of the tax... Read more

Where Are The HMRC Letters?

So far this year none of my clients have received any letters from HMRC telling them how much they have outstanding on their account with PAYE... Read more

Should We Have To Do Their Work For Them?

Although based here in the Lakes, a client of mine has been working in London, for a construction firm with over 100 sub-contractors per its own website... Read more

Help Line... What Help Line?

What a nightmare trying to sort a client out with HMRC firstly it took me seven attempts and all HMRC said was sorry I can’t... Read more

What Happened To The Tax Deducted Via CIS?

HMRC have been cheating people of the CIS tax suffered.  I had a client who had under claimed on his CIS suffered... Read more