All help is welcomed but I can’t help thinking …..

So the chancellor has spoken and he has shaken the money tree again and come up with yet more ways to spend money that we basically don’t have, which is actually becoming the new normal I think.

Limited time Vat reductions in certain areas, a CJRS Bonus scheme, a limited time increase in the Stamp Duty Land Tax Threshold and a summer holiday Eat Out to Help out Scheme for August.

Lots of discussions have obviously ensued and you have to say any money given to anybody in these troubled times is to be welcomed and as I look at each individual announcement thoughts come into my mind that just won’t go away.

A reduction in the stamp duty land tax threshold we make anyone planning on moving house very happy and will make estate agents absolutely ecstatic but what about those millions renting property?

Vat reductions in certain defined instances will no doubt be welcomed by the businesses effected but will it mean that the price I pay for these items will immediately reduce by the vat reduction?

Those businesses that have had to furlough staff and are wondering whether they will be able to keep them all on the books when the scheme shuts down will love getting a £1,000 bonus next year but are they more worried about the immediacy of the end of the furlough payments themselves?

The kickstart scheme will help the unemployed as businesses are incentivised to take them on but are they more worried that the jobs whether training or not simply will not be around?

As for the August summer holiday Eat out to Help Out campaign will a max of £10 per person excluding alcohol and only on certain days make more people and by that I mean MANY more people go out and support their local eateries I wonder but will the bulk of the spend find its way to the very largest eateries rather than the locals ones?

So there you have it a Chancellor spending money unlike any other and then into my mind springs “what about the self-employed?” nothing targeted specifically for them in this latest round which bearing in mind they appeared to be an afterthought in the previous rounds is no surprise I suppose.

Will the next few days see a sudden announcement for them? Well I think unless we can get a famous footballer speaking up it will just either be nothing for them or down to mounting criticism generating action for them but I can’t help thinking…

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