Will the pocket and desk diary go the way of the fax?

Every January and for those of us that were very punctilious maybe in December the ritual of entering important dates into the pocket and desk diary was a staple of our lives.

We spent a lot of time in picking our diaries many favoured a large leather bound Desk Diary which accommodated either day to view or week to view and often was embossed with either the practice logo (for the larger practices mainly) or often with the ICAEW logo and they were usually a standard black. Pocket diaries were available in a few more colours and were usually week to view and the big issue was whether to go with on that had that silk strip that you used to save your place.

Having chosen our diary we then had to fill them in with important events throughout the year based mainly on last years entries. We often whiled away the time adding family addresses and contact numbers and populated the pre-printed fields that came with the chosen diary. Of course we had to do this twice one for the desk diary and once for the pocket diary and our New Year’s resolution was always that we would be sure to make entries in the alternate diary to the initial one whenever an appointment was first entered.

Now with the march of mobile ‘phone and apps enabling syncing across multiple devices and providing for multi users has meant that for many the pocket or desk diary is going the way of the fax and has become a distant memory.

I sometimes take a nostalgic look at the diaries in W.H Smith picking them up and flicking through them but you know what I always put them back down and tap my pocket to make sure my mobile is my pocket.

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