You can do anything. But you can’t do everything

I’m writing this blog in January having crossed off a few more Tax Returns from the list and I look up and all the staff are engaged and beavering away as well.

Thinking about the Practice and looking at the staff reinforced then saying that I knew I could do anything they were doing but equally I couldn’t do everything.

As my practice grew so did the staff with me and that’s something every Accountant in Practice has to deal with the realisation that put simply there are 24 hours in a day and with some of them devoted as a minimum to sleeping they can’t do it all and help is needed.

To grow your practice you need staff, it’s simple but not just anybody because they are your staff and they represent you in the work they do and the way they do that work. They need to be trained in your ways and methods and importantly they need to be rewarded correctly.

Rewards comes in various guises and whilst the size of a salary is often the principle reward it’s not necessarily so. Training and the pursuit of a qualification may be equally important, being offered an opportunity could count for a lot and maybe location and working hours are vital.

When it comes down to working out a salary it serves no purpose to think, I can do this in one hour, why does it take them longer?

Whatever the driver your staff need to be rewarded and even if there is one or hundreds they need to be looked after correctly, otherwise you could soon find out just how hard you have to work to complete all the accounts and all the tax returns on your own.

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