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Funny Tax Investigation Stories

Funny Tax Investigation Stories

When it comes to Tax the words ‘Funny’ and ‘HMRC Investigation’ don’t sit naturally together, and far from being funny, an investigation is likely to send a shiver down the spine of any business owner and their tax advisor. However, these stressful situations often lead to people saying or doing things which could seem quite bizarre.

We have taken this opportunity to look at some of the funnier things which have happened at Tax Investigation meetings. If you would like to submit your own story please email it to


The Puerto Rica mystery

At the time of the introduction of self-assessment a client’s accounts for the 2 years ended 5th April 1998 were... Read more 

The £6 Tax bill

 A client (who keeps quite good records) for whom we had/have for many years was selected for enquiry (about six... Read more 

The tipsy inspector

My Dad worked from home around the 1980’s and I can remember on one occasion when he was stressing over a... Read more 

The good looking figures

An old story now concerned an Irish contractor in the building trade who in turn used a lot of manual labour... Read more 

What about the overseas Companies?

When an international manufacturing company was under investigation and HMRC visited the business premises in... Read more 

The Naughty Hotel

Some years ago I had a hotel client investigated twice within three years... Read more

Excessive barbers fees

An Inspector was investigating a client and didn't believe the level of drawings, so he was attempting to put... Read more 

Spread sheets for sheets

This story goes back before computers and spread sheets. The tax inspector was determined to prove that a guest... Read more 

The wheelchair Farmer

A long time ago I acted for a farmer, TH, who was forced into retirement by a disability that confined him to a... Read more