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HMRC - Valerie Barton

I’m writing to let you know, if you haven't already spotted it, that (as we said in our Agents Blog recently) we have now redirected the HMRC website homepage to GOV.UK - the single website for all government information and the place to access government services. This is the latest step in the switchover of our website, and by the end of this month all of our guidance for customers will be accessed through GOV.UK.

 The Tax agent and adviser pages were switched over to GOV.UK today.

 Accessing the HMRC website

Anyone trying to access the HMRC homepage (e.g. through a bookmark) will now automatically be redirected to the HMRC organisation page at This includes both corporate information, and links at the top of the page to all HMRC services and information, including the tax agents' pages.

 Not all of the content on the HMRC website has moved to GOV.UK yet, but anything that hasn't, such as our manuals, will remain available on the HMRC website until we move it across - with links in place on GOV.UK from the relevant pages.

 What does this mean for HMRC’s customers?

Guidance on topics we know are relevant to a lot of our customers, including Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Tax Credits, Self Assessment, Child Benefit and VAT, has already moved to GOV.UK. By the end of December, we’ll also have moved all of our remaining guidance for customers to the GOV.UK site.

 HMRC’s existing online services, such as Self Assessment, won’t change as a result of this move but they will now be accessed from GOV.UK. In the longer term, these services will be completely transformed as part of HMRC's ambitious digital plans, and will join new digital services such as Your Tax Account for business, Digital Self Assessment, and the Tax Credits Online service we made available earlier this year.

 Any content that doesn’t move to GOV.UK – because there’s no longer a current need for it – will still be available on the National Archives website.

 Tax agents and advisers pages

Most of the tax agents and advisers specialist content has moved 'as is' so agents should still be able to easily find what they need. Any bookmarked pages will redirect to the relevant pages on GOV.UK. The material will, however, be presented differently, in the new GOV.UK format.

Latest news for agents

Following the move to GOV.UK the way you'll read HMRC's 'Latest news' (and access RSS feeds) is changing from mid-December.

From then on, you can get all the latest news and find out about changes to online guidance by signing up for the HMRC latest feed on GOV.UK. You can receive alerts by email or RSS feed.

You can also find the latest news by choosing to sign up for our latest feeds on particular topics, including VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax. Follow the links below, or go to our Services and information page and choose the topics you are interested in. The link to the latest feed can be found at the top right of each topic page.

Self assessment latest feed

PAYE for employers latest feed

VAT latest feed

 As well as this, we've created a feed for tax agents and are currently working through which GOV.UK content will be most relevant for this feed. This may take us a little time.

Listening to feedback

We are working hard to ensure that the guidance on GOV.UK meets the needs of all of our customers and we really want to hear from agents with their suggestions as to how the guidance and tools can be improved. All pages on GOV.UK include a link, 'Is there anything wrong with this page?' (near the bottom of the page) for you to tell us if there’s something that isn’t working well for you, or, for example, if you’ve spotted a broken link. The GOV.UK feedback form can be found in the ‘Contact’ area of GOV.UK and is the best way to send more substantive comments.

Published December 2014