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Jury Service and your Staff

By Peninsula HR

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Every year almost half a million people are selected for jury service.

As an employer, you must allow your employee time off for jury service. If you do not do so, you could be in contempt of court. Employers have no right to ask for jury service to be delayed or deferred – that is the summoned employee’s responsibility.

You are not obliged to pay your employee whilst they are on jury service although they can claim from the court for food, travel and loss of earnings.

Things to Remember

  • Ask for proof of the calling
  • Complete the documentation to authorise attendance; don’t forget the bit to confirm that they can come back to work for part/full days if the case is adjourned
  • Support the employees request for delay or deferment particularly if there are sound business reasons e.g they are travelling to the USA to progress a tender for new business and everything is paid for; you would have to close your small business because you already have staff on holiday

Published October 2014