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7 Tips to expand your Linkedin Network

By Joel Oliver

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Here are 7 quick tips to expand your network excluding the use of LinkedIn Groups.

1. Don’t use the standard invite

LinkedIn provides a standard invitation, which is rather impersonal. So before sending invitations off excitedly to your network we recommend you write your own. Make it friendly and personal, and if you think they might not remember you (surely not!) then remind them how you are connected.

2. Friends, Suppliers and Staff

First invite a few people you know well (excluding clients). We recommend current staff, colleagues, suppliers etc. Build up your connections to 10 or 20 and then move on.

3. Clients

LinkedIn is the perfect tool to communicate with (and protect) your current clients. So take the time (or delegate this task) to go through all your current clients and connect with them on LinkedIn.

Once you are connected with them you can then see their connections - a valuable source of future referrals and introductions.

4. Upload email address lists

LinkedIn will now allow you to select where you wish to import contacts from. Giving you a choice of email, Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or Any Email.

Simply follow the on screen prompts and your list will upload. Please Note: In our view this feature is awesome, however it can be a little ‘glitchy’ and at times does not function well.

5. Develop a policy to connect

Develop a simple policy, where a person takes responsibility to connect with your contacts. Each time you get a new name business card, website enquiry etc. make sure someone adds them to LinkedIn.

This includes potential customers. Connecting with them before you go to meet them will give you a stack of valuable information that might help you win the deal.

6. Make LinkedIn your home page

Lots of us start new projects with great gusto and then life somehow gets in the way. Making LinkedIn your homepage is a simple, but highly effective way or reminding you to use this powerful networking tool.

7. Use ‘Advanced Search’ on LinkedIn

Perhaps one of the most important tools on LinkedIn is the ‘Advanced’ button. Found on the right of your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a little like a huge room full of people (millions of them) and finding them is made simpler with the Advanced search tool.

Published October 2015