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Accountants are Important

Accountancy practices are advisory practices. Not sure? Just ask an accountant for advice or help and see for yourself.  

As award winning Accountant Elaine Clark says about compliance work “I guess the only fault about compliance accountants is that, generally, they do not shout about how good they are at what they do and the services that they provide. They just do it!”

As I travel around talking to small practice accountants I find them inquisitive, knowledgeable, dynamic, literate and caring and they use all these for the good of the clients, their client’s families, their client’s staff, their own staff and their own families and yes, I think it is fair to say the good of the country as a whole. We are the quiet majority that actually make the system work for millions of taxpayers, HMRC themselves and H M Treasury.

We are the backbone of the profession, we deal with the nitty gritty of the system, we handle the day to day interactions and we take the flak from clients when things go wrong even though it is out of our control so, you know, you could say we are the backbone of HMRC as well and I’m not exaggerating. Just imagine how much harder their job would be if all the errors they made which we put right and resolved had in fact had to be passed through them rather than us.

We are the backbone of the profession but we are also the heartbeat of the profession.  We feel the pulse of businesses throughout the land and we help make the adjustments that save many from problems and also help them drive forward their planned growth.

It’s what we do, it’s part of our DNA and no one who has never been in practice will have experienced the highs and lows that we experience not just from our own practice but from the businesses and taxpayers that we help. They can look on from the outside and cheer us along of course they will never have felt what we feel, they never will have enjoyed the successes we have, they never will have developed the bond with clients and their families that we have.   

Yet the twittersphere and blogasphere is full of all sorts, telling us that compliance is dead and we can only exist as an advisory practice. This statement alone shows exactly how little they know about what we do and how we do it, it shows their ignorance of thousands of Accountants across the UK who work tirelessly and with great professionalism and ability and are already advisory practices but, just happen to be advisory practices that don’t use the software or systems that they are trying to sell us.

We are Accountants, we are important, we understand our clients, do the “Compliance Disparagers” as Elaine calls them understand us? The answer is for me a resounding No and yet they feel it perfectly reasonable to tell us what is or is not the future simply because they give themselves a fancy title like “futurist” or “commentator” and of course, because the Internet allows for self-publicity on steroids they constantly shout loud and long about how easy Accountancy would be “if only…..”     .

The ICPA supports Accountants in Practice our motto is “Supporting you support your clients.” we know how important you are, we know how hard your job is, we know how hard you work and we will never disparage what you do.

We are the backbone of the profession and while others talk about accountancy we just get on with the job of being the very best accountant we can which is always worth remembering because the naysayers will actually never be that because they are not Accountants.      

By Tony Margaritelli