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AI, Tech, Automation it works for us not against us


By Tony Margaritelli

I have been in practice for over 40 years and in that time I’ve seen lots of changes and I have to say that virtually all of them have been for the better.

I have over this time learnt to accept the march of tech because I have seen what it can do for my practice and my clients. I have never seen technology as a threat but as an aid. Good technology, and that is critical here, should make life easier for the business owner and of course for us the accountant. We have seen over the years how good tech has reduced the time spent on repetitive tasks freeing up the owner and ourselves and our staff to work on more important issues.

What we want from AI is more of the same, we want to make even more use of tech to free us up from the mundane to release the accountant that is within us and that we trained to become. We don’t want to spend endless hours checking, collating and then analysing reams of basic data whether in the form of invoices, receipts or sheets of figures.

Firstly we want to make sure everything is in order and that the records we have are correct this is a given we want the accounts be right but we don’t want to spend too long getting there because it eats into the available time to then interrogate those figures, to drill down and look at the underlying trends to bring to bear the years of experience we have built up so that we can help our clients.

All this takes time, time as they say costs money so anything that saves time works for me and that means embracing tech and AI not worrying about it.