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All things digital for our clients: we come much later

By Tony Margaritelli


Like every Accountant at this time of the year I’m very busy trying to complete and file Tax Returns before the fines start for my clients.

I did take time out to review all the documentation provided by HMRC following their stakeholder conference including David Gauke’s speech.

No surprise to note that Agents were hardly mentioned save for the fact that between July and December 2016 we will be able to manage our clients’ digital tax accounts and when pressed on agent access Jim Harra the HMRC director for business tax admitted that they were “struggling” with the issue. For “struggling” read “failing” methinks.

Scant regard has been taken of our views and yet I have no doubt whatsoever that we as accountants will be at the forefront of making the new system work because that’s what our clients expect of us and that’s what we will do.

My feeling is and will remain that this could be achieved far better with our input and help than they are making It.

I want to make one point only in this blog and that is that in January (I know I Know) and February HMRC will be running events about “simpler payments” and that they have called for people interested in attending to let them know by emailing:

I urge all accountants to try to get to one of these events and to make your views known, HMRC say they will try “avoiding the immediate run up to 31 January wherever possible” but please register an interest and attend and at least get your voice heard.

I’ll end this blog by mentioning the Case Studies document produced by HMRC. At the bottom of each page is the phrase “This is a fictional case study to illustrate the impact of making tax digital”. They are fiction and the cases involving accountants/agents are so far from the truth that it only goes to show what I have been saying for a long time that HMRC don’t really like Accountants do they? 

Download the case studies for yourself and in fact the Digital road map here

Published January 2016