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Director of First Impressions    

By Abbott & Crowe

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Director of First Impressions. Does your business employ one of these? Have you seen this role advertised in any jobs website or newspaper? Probably not.

However, this should be the name given to your receptionist, and the person responsible for the look of your reception area. Why? Well, in our experience, you can spot a firm of accountants that ‘get’ it just by walking through their front door. Very few offices pay attention to their reception area – what should be in it and what should be ‘out’. Is there anyone actually sat there to greet potential clients? Are the desks tidy and clutter free? Have you cleaned that coffee stain from the carpet? When were the windows painted?

Quite apart from cleanliness and tidiness, the reception is tailored to them, the accountant. Maybe there is a tax card on display, a rack of business cards, possibly economic outlook papers? This is surely a mistake.

Do you really think these potential or even existing clients want to read the latest issue of ‘Accountancy’ or flick through your latest budget summary?
Would you go to the dentist and hope to pick up and enjoy a copy of “UK Orthodontics Today?” Of course not!

Therefore, think about it from the potential client’s perspective.

Why? Well, when a potential client walks through your front door, they will consciously and sub-consciously be making judgments about you and your firm even before they meet with you. These judgments play a part in their decision-making process. Whether they will sign on as a client or not.You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

You have to take a different view of the purpose of your reception. You shouldn’t be thinking at all about what ‘they’ want to see or read. You have to ask yourself – what can I put in my reception area that is going to help me get the sale? That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Examples would be printed client testimonials, Interactive IPad showcasing your website, industry awards or press releases, leaflets detailing your added value services and hey maybe even a coffee machine.

Remember, employ that Director of First Impressions and empower them to make your reception area the start of the sales process.

Published July 2014