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Quarterly Reporting: Its 2018 for virtually all our clients

By Tony Margaritelli


Following a lengthy telephone conversation with Julian Hatt I am now advised that our Limited Company clients will NOT be reporting Corporation Tax Information from April 2018 and this will revert to the date we originally thought namely April 2020.

The information about April 2018 remains the same as does April 2019 which are still significant divergences from the original timetable we previously thought.

Below is my original post.

“Just returned from the BASDA AGM where Julian Hatt, Head of Stakeholder Engagement HMRC: Making Tax Digital for Business programme and Brigid McBride OBE, Deputy Director, HMRC Digital Service drew my attention to, as they put it, “A misconception” about the Making Tax Digital Quarterly Report schedule of events.

Where it had been reported extensively that from April 2018 our Landlord and non-vat registered business clients were first to have to report Quarterly followed by from April 2019 our vat registered clients and then from April 2020 our limited company clients were finally to join in the fun, this was a misconception that needed putting right.

According to them here is the correct schedule of Quarterly Reporting events:

From April 2018: All Landlords, Self-employed businesses, Partnerships and Limited Companies will have to start reporting quarterly their information digitally. The only exclusions are those with no internet access and religious grounds exemptions and etc

From April 2019: ALL Vat returns are to be lodged digitally and not via the gateway

From April 2020: All Corporation tax returns are to be lodged digitally and not via the gateway

I stressed that this was a significant divergence from what was already in the domain and that I and many other commentators had used the now incorrect timetable and asked then again to confirm that the above was correct which they duly did and I asked them to try and get this revised timescale more publicity especially at events they were attending, and hopefully they will.

So with the ICAEW reporting that 80%(ish) of clients are not accounting in a digital format which fits with the 70% or so that I have encountered when I ask members about their clients there seriously is so very little time especially as the software itself is not yet ready.

Will we get an extension? This is questionable as that would push implementation into another parliament, will we get an option to go digital rather than make it mandatory? Unlikely as the take up would be very low and software companies would undoubtedly be opposed but I suppose maybe this whole situation was all a misconception on my part.”

Published May 2016