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“T” is for Tech

By Tony Margaritelli


In my recent presentation on “An A to Z of client acquisition and retention” the letter T was for tech.

Accountants nowadays find that it’s simply not enough to spend hours of CPE training to keep up to date with taxation, employment legislation, auto-enrolment issues, and accounting practices. We have one topic that changes quicker than any other namely TECH.

This is not simply the tech that powers or drives our practice from CRM, and tax returns to accounts production and payroll to practice administration and bookkeeping. We also have to keep up to date with the TECH that our clients are using as well.

Our clients and possibly more importantly our potential clients either look to us as their accountant to help them keep up to date or presume that we are fully up to date and conversant with every new development that they might have heard about.

If we have problems with a particular piece of tax legislation there are myriad places we can turn to get help, if we are struggling to interpret FRS 102 or 105 there are helplines and manuals galore offering help and advice but when our tech fails or we are asked about the latest piece of software or HMRC’s gateway is down or a filing fails to go through where do we go?

Are accountants struggling to keep pace with Tech? Are accountants finding that their clients are more tech savvy than they are cause for concern?

My findings are that at the moment accountants are feeling in control and coping but that they have to spend more time not on tax or accounts but on trends and developments in Tech. Yet where are the CPE courses on everyday tech? Are the Institutes accepting time spent on Tech?

Should practices seriously consider taking on staff with tech specific responsibilities? I genuinely think so.

Published February 2016