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Take the Conversation Offline and Close

By Sales4Accountants

Let’s look at some ‘rock solid’ foundations that are key to your lead generation strategies.

Take it offline ASAP

A balanced approach to lead generation is one that will generate reliable results that you can predict and base your future growth upon. It means we are often cautious of bold or brash statements.

So when we suggest you should take it offline ASAP, that’s a counter-cultural statement that requires an explanation.

So here it is . . . . .

You will only generate an ROI when you take the conversation offline.

Despite what many digital ‘gurus’ might suggest, we believe that those in the accounting and financial services professions will only make a positive ROI when they take a conversation offline... That means physically talking to a person and meeting with them.

No volume of email auto responders, LinkedIn posts or tweets in ‘The Cloud’ will change this for those selling a professional service like accountancy, financial planning or financial advice.

All these other elements are important to generate leads, but to generate a sale; the conversation must be taken offline.

What does that mean?

What it means is that successful lead generation must have personal telephone follow-up ‘built in’ to respond to each and every contact/opportunity/lead generated online and offline.

Typically, a firm will either have a dedicated, internal person who can respond in a professional, timely manner to these opportunities or choose to outsource this responsibility to a competent third party.

Published August 2015