Agents with multiple tax credit clients

Agents with multiple tax credit clients

To remove the burden on tax credit customers during Covid-19 and in anticipation of a reduction in HMRC staff availability on our helplines during the pandemic, most tax credit renewals this year have been served an ‘Auto Renewal’ notice.

However, the notice we issued to some customers was missing some of the income information we used to calculate the award.

In view of this, we have written to those who are affected and set out their missing income details.

Although selected for auto-renewal this year, self-employed customers must as usual confirm their actual or estimated income by 31 July 2020, otherwise, we will finalise their award using the information we hold, and they will not be able to change it at a later date. Where an estimate is provided, as typically expected for self-employed customers, they will need to contact us again when they know their actual income by 31 January 2021.

A new process has been introduced to support agents who contact us to discuss more than one client. We will:

  • Establish if an agent needs to discuss more than one client on the call
  • Arrange a call back within 48 hours to discuss their clients.

As well as the helpline, customers can get help and information on renewing tax credits:

Contact us for more information.

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