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Discounted access to AMLCC’s online platform, helping your practice stay AML compliant

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Make sure your practice meets anti-money laundering compliance obligations

As a professional accountant or bookkeeper, your practice must meet certain criteria when it comes to anti-money laundering compliance. For all ICPA members, you can take advantage of this great discount with our partners AMLCC – the leaders in compliance, risk management and education.

AML is simple to use and easy to integrate into your business. As an online platform, it helps you with all AML processes so that you are 100% protected against money being overexposed, potentially leading to laundering and the consequences of this happening.

How else can the ICPA help you?

There are plenty of ways in which you can benefit from being a member of the ICPA. Find out more below.

TolleyLibrary Elements  Access
TolleyLibrary Elements Access
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Advice lines
Money Laundering Compliance Software
Money Laundering Compliance Software
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Technical Support
How else can the ICPA help you?

Comprehensive compliance, risk management and educational solution for your practice

If your profession falls under the DNFBP (Designated Non-Financial Business or Profession) means that you have to meet certain AML requirements – fortunately, this is built into the AMLCC software. After signing up, you can easily navigate through the instructions and personalise the AMLCC to match your company’s risk no matter what size of business you are.

Your business has a legal duty to educate all of your employees in anti-money laundering. The AMLCC education system is designed to meet this need for all employees, whether they are a new starter with no knowledge or an experienced professional.

The AMLCC system provides a tailored risk assessment to meet your unique circumstances, including a comprehensive set of questions about every aspect of your business, high risk warnings and guidance on how to reduce risk.

The system provides you with a tailored Policy that covers every area of AML compliance, risk management and education.

The biggest risk to your business when signing up a new client is not asking the right questions. AMLCC’s client risk assessment gives you the power and knowledge to do this, without the need to fill in multiple forms.

You can use the AMLCC document storage and management feature as an online filing cabinet for any documents that relate to your client.

Reporting potential money laundering activity protects your business and your employees from serious legal repercussions. The AMLCC suspicious activity reporting makes it easy for anyone in your business to submit an internal report to the money Laundering Reporting Officer.

AMLCC can educate your employees in financial sanctions and help them to recognise potential sanctions breaches.

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