Cut your inbox to size

You’ve had a few days off over the Christmas period and you have been very good and not looked at your inbox throughout. Now day one back at the office a quick glance at your inbox and shock horror hundreds of messages are piling in one after the other.

So many that you actually take to the internet to see if there is a better way to manage your inbox and shed loads of commentators are happily posting away about categorising emails, email segmentation, only looking at and responding to email at set times and so on.

No one suggests just deleting them all because some may be ultra-important but that’s what you feel like doing isn’t it? Let me share my tactic to reduce the size of any accountant’s inbox and that is to actually pick up the ‘phone rather than hit the reply option.

What this does is start both of you talking around the topic and if it’s accountant to client it actually reaffirms the relationship as well as giving you both the option to expand on the initial question and it also gives you both the option to get a resolution which means usually one happy client, one happy accountant and lots less follow on emails.

It also gives you the option to discuss with your client the possibility of either expanding the servicers you offer or even talking about some referral options for their friends or colleagues. It’s easy simply because you are talking and talking is a human interaction whilst an email is…

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