Do you provide what clients want?

Clients come in all shapes and sizes from individuals wanting their affairs regularised with HMRC to nervous but excited start ups to growing businesses wanting to take the next step to well established businesses who are happy and content with their lot.

We help them with their compliance work including accounts production, tax return and vat return filings if necessary and we can help manage and run their payroll and auto enrolment for them as well.

If your practice is doing well and you have a well trained client base then everyone is happy from you to your staff to the clients to the authorities but do you think that maybe you are complacent because the practice is maybe not growing at the rate you want it to or you are not doing the type of work you want to do?

If this rings a bell then take a moment and think about what you and your team are offering your existing clients. If actually you deduce that the answer is very little because the practice has become client driven which means the work of the practice is driven solely by the client. The clients wants year end accounts, that’s what they get. The client wants their Vat return completed and filed, then that’s what you do and so on.

When this happens, welcome as the revenue and work is it doesn’t grow the practice much does it? It doesn’t challenge you and your staff does it? Fundamentally it assumes that the client is aware of everything your practice is capable of to the extent that they will ask you if and when they need something.

We can all see the problem with that can’t we? We must get in the habit of forearmed with the knowledge of what we already provide talking with the client about what extra we can do for them and you know you may well be surprised to hear the reply “what, you can do that for me.”

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