Just putting it on the website isn’t enough

When was the last time you seriously looked at your website? Did Covid make you take a look for the first time in ages? Do you actually think it matters or is it something that you think is just an electronic business card?

I am genuinely surprised at many Accountants views on their website and I’m surprised they pay so little attention to it. The answer seems to be “It’s up and says what’s necessary” But does it say what’s necessary?

The current situation with lockdown currently easing across a range of sectors with government aid packages attempting to boost the economy and help businesses what does your website say about you and your business?

Accountants are the number one trusted advisors and throughout this present crisis they have helped millions access the help that is available and yet they say very little about how they can help or explain what is available.

Putting Covid to one side does your website have a heading like “Services available” or “What we do”? I bet it does and yet have you actually looked at what it says recently? Maybe in the last year? Maybe in the last 18 months?

If you want to get onboard the “Advisory” bandwagon you basically have to promote the advisory element of your practice and that is not achieved by simply putting something on the website under “Services we offer” If you want this to grow and only if you want this element to grow then you have to start thinking about giving it equal coverage with the compliance elements of your practice. Take a look and if pages are devoted to Tax, Vat, Accounts, Bookeeping, Payroll with more pages about you personally and your partners or staff about how you are a digitally aware practice or some such and the pages about how you can help are actually not even pages but just short paragraphs saying “get in touch to discuss” then is it any surprise that you don’t get many calls for these services?

Advisory services have to be promoted and just putting something up on the website really isn’t the answer.

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