Press Release: Clear Books integrates with Stripe to make accepting card payments easy

LONDON, UK – MONDAY 10 AUGUST 2020 – Clear Books has launched a new integration with Stripe – the second-largest payments processor in the UK1. The integration provides Clear Books users with two amazing benefits that will help them to get paid faster and keep their accounting in order. They are;

Click to pay invoicing

Small businesses that use Clear Books to invoice their customers can include a ‘pay now’ button on their invoice. Clicking the button will open up a Stripe credit and debit card payment form allowing small businesses to accept card payments.

Automatic transaction imports

Small businesses that use Stripe to collect credit and debit card payments outside of Clear Books (e.g. via Stripe’s own invoicing system or an eCommerce website), can automatically import the bank transaction data into Clear Books. It’s an easy way to save time on bookkeeping.

The new integration compliments Clear Books’ existing integrations with leading payment providers PayPal and GoCardless.

Clear Books CEO, Ruth Fouracre said: “In May we launched a partnership with Revolut, in June we enhanced our mobile app to include interactive bank balance reporting, and
today we are launching an integration with Stripe. The increased pace of new feature development at Clear Books is all about the customer – all our new features are to make Clear Books the easiest-to-use accounting software for small businesses. The integration with Stripe makes it easier for our customers to get paid, and easier for them to do their bookkeeping.”

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