Revised HMRC Charter

Working with you to get tax right

HMRC is here to collect the tax that pays for the UK’s public services. We do this by working in partnership with you.

We will help you meet your tax responsibilities and work with anyone you’ve asked to act for you. We will also help make sure you get any benefits, tax credits, refunds or other support you can claim. However, we will take firm action against the small minority who bend or break the law by not paying their tax.

What we want our service to be all about

Making things easy

We aim to ensure our services are as accessible as possible and that it is easy, quick and convenient to deal with us.

Getting things right

We aim to give you accurate, consistent and clear information. This will help you meet your obligations, understand your rights and what you can claim. When we ask for information, we rely on you to give us full, accurate and timely answers. If you disagree with us, we will inform you about options available to you and work with you to reach an appropriate outcome quickly and simply. If you are not satisfied with the service you have received, we will explain how you can make a complaint.

Being responsive

When you get in touch with us, we aim to answer your questions and resolve things first time, or as quickly as we can. We will also explain what happens next and when you can expect a response from us. If we make a mistake, we will put it right as soon as possible.
Treating you fairly

We work within the law to make sure everyone pays the right amount of tax and gets their benefits and other entitlements. We trust you are telling the truth, unless we have good reason to think you’re not.

Being aware of your personal situation

We will listen to your worries and answer any questions clearly and concisely. We will be mindful of your wider personal situation, including offering you extra support if you need it.

Keeping your data secure

We will protect information we hold about you and treat it as private and confidential. And we will always use that information fairly and lawfully.

A word about respect

We will always treat you in line with our values of respect, professionalism and integrity. Our employees are people too, so please treat them in the same way. We take any threats, intimidation or harassment very seriously and will take appropriate action against any behaviour of this type.

Ways to respond in the consultation process

The consultation period will run from Monday 24 February to Friday 15 May 2020.

We welcome comments on any aspect of the revised draft charter and, or how HMRC uses its charter.

The list below may help you to structure your feedback:

  • do you think the draft charter sets the right standards for HMRC’s service to customers?
  • to what extent do you feel the draft charter sets out the areas which are most important to customers when interacting with HMRC?
  • how you would like to see HMRC measure and monitor how it is performing against the charter, including how it can best listen to feedback and take action on areas for improvement?

Email your views to:

Write to: HMRC Charter Team, Customer Insight and Design Directorate, 9th Floor, 10 South Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB

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