Some helpful links in these troubled times

At this moment in time the ICPA is operating a remote working policy and the staff are beavering away as usual only working from home and not in the office.

As part of our remote working I’ve been taking my share of the ‘phone calls as well as handing specific emails.

As you can imagine I’ve had lots of calls from members about what exactly the government are doing and how can members clients access the promised loans and grants. As ever, the devil as they say is in the detail and as I type on Thursday 19th March there is still no definitive information about to go about accessing or applying for the promised help which is a sad but not surprising fact and one I suppose we ought to get used to as our politicians seem perfectly happy to make pronouncement without actually having the processes ready before they make them.

Anyway, I helped as many callers as possible and I spotted that I was recommending some websites quite a lot so as they say on “Strickly” here they are in no particular order:

1) Struggling to get Accounts finalised and lodged with Companies House? Checkout

The advice seems to be get in touch sooner rather than later to see if you can geta coronavirus extension

2) Wondering about school closures and what children are effected and which ones will get to stay in school and of course what about free school meals? Then it’s

3) Clients struggling with their tax liabilities? Needing to sort out a time to pay? Check into

4) SSP, Staff off work what are the obligations etc etc? definitely the place to look is ACAS

5) The Governments own business support site which I’m thinking will become more used in the coming months

6) The very latest advice from HM Gov on what Businesses and Employers need to do

7) Contractor clients getting in touch about IR35? Here is a link to the announcement about it’s deferral

8) What exactly did the Chancellor promise? Here you are:

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